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Easily installed DIY wall mounted Air-Con monitor

Switches off Air-Con in an unoccupied room to save energy. Helps combat abuse of Air-Conditioning in holiday rentals and hotels.

Plus extra energy saving features.

Air-Con Monitor


The Air-con Monitor is designed and made in Britain

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Air-Con Monitor the Air-conditioning energy saving occupancy sensor switch.

Air-Con Monitor is a low cost DIY British designed device that automatically & Wirelessly switches Off Air-conditioning in an unoccupied  room to Save Energy. Additional features depending on model include night sensor, real time on off sensor timer, door sensor and temperature control. Easy to use USB PC software. Air conditioning units (Heating and Cooling) are one of the most energy and money consuming devices in the home, holiday letting, hotel and office environments.

ITypical breakdown of home energy air-con energy saver tackles the highest usaget is a well known problem that leaving Air conditioning units for heating and cooling switched on when vacating a room or leaving doors open is very common. This wasted energy will consume a large amount of power adding a substantial amount to your electricity bill, overworking the appliances and also consequently resulting in damage to the environment.

Ideal for Offices, Hotels and Holiday Rentals where air conditioning is intentionally left running whilst no one is there, dramatically increasing your running costs

Introducing the new British designed and manufactured innovative energy saving device Air-Con Monitor that will automatically switch off these power consuming devices when the room is left empty for a predefined period of time.                                                           

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Buy your Air-Con Monitor here Buy your Air-Con Monitor here Air-Con Monitor monitors your room to save energy Air-Con Monitor monitors your room to save energy


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