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Switches off Air-Con in an unoccupied room to save energy. Helps combat abuse of Air-Conditioning in holiday rentals and hotels.

Plus extra energy saving features.

Air-Con Monitor


The Air-con Monitor is designed and made in Britain

Tel: +44 (0)117 2303776

CE Certification for conformity A/C Energy Saver

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Air-con Monitor Affiliate Manager

Access of all of the Air-con Monitor tools and resources can be found on the easy-to-use web user interface. You can use the tools to create feeds, dynamic advertising banners to improve user engagement and conversion on your web site.

This can all be found here:Affiliate Programme 

Welcome to the Affiliate Programme. We are offering you the opportunity to make money with our innovative air-conditioning energy saving switch.

How does our Affiliate Programme work?

It's simple! Just by linking your web site to ours you can earn 5% commission whenever your customers order any number of Air-con Monitors through your web site. Through tracking sales made via your web site we will pay you a percentage of every unit sold up to 1 year from the original referral!

What are the benefits?

You can sign up to the Air-con Monitor affiliate programme by joining our Affiliate network at the following link;Affiliate Programme