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Air-Con Monitor Advanced - Air-conditioning energy saving sensor switch

Air-con Monitor Advanced has been designed for monitoring rooms where a more precise control is needed. A cost effective solution to saving energy with additional features.
Air-con Monitor Advanced allows you to monitor a room and set a time delay to send the IR signal to the air-conditioning unit to switch it off. You can set the time  delay by 15, 30 or 60 minutes so the monitor sends the command if no movement has been detected within your programmed time.
The unit has built in learning to enable you to programme your air-conditioning remote control off command into the unit, this allows the Air-con Monitor to send the exact same signal to your air-con unit to switch it off. Because the unit is sending the same signal to your air-con unit this ensures that the unit closes down as intended and does not void any guarantee you may have.
The monitor also incorporates a light sensor with variable light sensitivity so that if you do not require the sensor to switch off the air-con during the hours of darkness e.g. in a bedroom you can activate this feature.
The sensor has a real time clock to allow you to set precise times that the monitor is activated or de-activated via a USB connection using the supplied software, for environments that need specific time control.
The unit allows you to add an optional door sensor (sold separately) that can be programmed so that if a door is left open for longer than a set time the monitor will also turn the air-conditioning off. This stops the air-con being used while expensive cooled air is escaping the room though the door.
A temperature sensor is also built in that when enabled allows you to pre-set a minimum temperature level, so that if the temperature in the room is set too low via the remote, then the temperature up command is sent until the pre-set level is reached whilst the room is occupied to avoid wasting energy to over cool the room. You can now also set the temperature control to work when the night sensor is active so it will not switch off the air-con at night but still monitor the temperature.
PC software to control the advanced features

Real time clock option to set time the monitor is active for to suit the location of the unit.
Set the time frame for when no movement is detected before sending the off command to the air-conditioning unit.

Sets the lowest temperature for the room. Will raise the temperature to the minimum if the a/c remote is set lower.
Allow the temperature to be controlled at night when the light sensor option has de-activated a/c off command.

Control the level of light before the monitor de-activates during night time for bedrooms etc so it does not turn off the a/c.
An optional door sensor can be added so that if a door or window is left open for more than the delay time it will switch off the a/c.

Uploads the new settings date and time to the monitor via the USB.

The device clock is synchronised with the computer time when connected via the USB to ensure the time is set correctly for setting the active time feature.
Battery level indicator to check how much battery power you have left. The current temperature in order to determine which minimum temperature setting is best for the room based on location. Check to see the light setting for the room to adjust up or down as needed.
A temperature calibration is now included to enable you to calibrate the temperature reading. This will also allow to adjust for any temperature difference to match the living area to the sighting of monitor.   
£49.99 each or £44.99 (for 4 or more) £42.49 (for 8 or more) + P&P
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