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Air-Conditioning average running costs.
The cost of leaving the air-con for any length of time whilst no one is in the room can mount up considerably and prove to be a costly overhead. Air-con Monitor works all the time turning off the Air-con in each room when no one is present even when people are at the home using other rooms in order to maximise the Energy Savings.
Domestic Air-conditioning units can take a considerable amount of unnecessary wear and tear due to excessive use for which they are not designed for, Air-con Monitor will help reduce this by cutting the running time of the Air-conditioning units and reducing the amount of servicing and downtime.
Unlike systems that cut the power to your air-con units and as a result don’t close down the units as intended, Air-con Monitor replicates the same signal your remote control sends and closes down the air conditioner properly, in exactly the same way as if you had pressed the off button on your remote control.
In order to try and help you find out how much energy you can save by using Air-
con Monitor there are a number of variables that affect air-
conditioning units such as climatic conditions, position of rooms (e.g. north or south facing), size or area to be cooled etc. In general air-
conditioning units transfer the heat between the two units for a split system (inside unit and outside unit) and the input cost of running the air-
conditioning unit is what you spend in electricity to do this. Typical values used in cooling for the COP (coefficient of performance) are in the region of 2.5 to 1 which means that you can transfer 2.5 kilowatts of heat using 1 kilowatt of electricity.
Air-conditioning how it works diagram
You will need to check the output of your air-conditioner to determine the input of power roughly required to produce the output.
Please bear in mind that once the room has reached temperature then the power consumption will change. As would appear to be the case from feedback for holiday lettings it is very common that guests will simply switch on the air-conditioning at the lowest temperature setting resulting in the air-conditioning staying on high power for a considerably longer time. Air-con Monitor will alleviate this by switching off the air-conditioning when no one is in the room even if other rooms are occupied at the same time. Air-con Monitor advanced can also be set up to monitor the temperature in an occupied room and if the room is set to a lower temperature than you have pre-set then it will increase to set temperature to your setting.
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