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Air-Con Monitor Basic - Model Features

Basic Model Air-Con movement sensor switch
  • Timer select with 15, 30 and 60 minutes delay from the instant the room is left empty till Power Off commands are sent
  • Light sensor feature for night time disable if required.
  • High sensitivity motion sensor with up to 6 meters detection range
  • Transmitter within a 6 meter wide direction from the device to send off command
  • No wires for simple installation
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Designed in an alarm PIR housing to avoid being identified for its real usage and being tampered with.
  • Designed and made in England to a high quality.
£39.99 each or £35.99 (for 4 or more) £33.99 (for 8 or more) + P&P
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Air-Con Monitor Advanced - Model Features

Air-Con Monitor Advanced with extra power saving features
All the above features plus
  • Real time clock to program sensor on and off times
  • Adjustable light sensor feature for night time disable if required.
  • Door sensor option to turn off the air-conditioning if a door is left open.
  • Temperature sensor to set the temperature to a minimum pre-set level
  • USB connection for PC interface to set up extra features
  • Windows software.
£49.99 each or £44.99 (for 4 or more) £42.49 (for 8 or more) + P&P
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  • Voltage: 3V DC (2 AA batteries)
  • Size: 107 x 59 x 45 mm
  • Movement Detection range: <8M
  • IR signal transmitting range: <6M
  • IR learning code: IR commands from most devices (stored in Flash memory – even if no battery is installed)
  • USB Interface and Windows software (Advanced model)
  • Door sensor optional extra (advanced model)
  • Detecting area: horizontally: 110°,vertically: 60°
  • Mounting: Swivel ball socket bracket giving multi directional angle adjustment, horizontal adjusted angle: - 45° ~ + 45°
  • Box includes Air-Con Monitor device and Manual.
  • Works with IR devices that have discrete OFF command (one signal for on, one signal for off. This can be from the same button on the remote) and UP TEMP command (for Air-Con Monitor Advanced).
  • Indoor use only, 5 to 40 c, up to 85% relative humidity
Multi angle bracket to for directional positioning to detect movement
FAQ about our air-con movement detection monitor
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