• Air Con Monitor Advanced

Air Con Monitor Advanced offers additional features over the basic model in addition to the essential high energy saving aspect and also night time comfort. 

Air-Con Monitor Advanced learns and stores the off command from your air-conditioning remote control, which is then used to switch off the air-conditioning unit via the monitor after a default time of 15 minutes if no movement is detected in the room, you can increase this time to 30 or 60 minutes if required. 

A night time feature is also built in to de-activate the monitor at night in for example a bedroom so the air-con is not switched off while people are sleeping.

Built in real time clock allows you to precisely set when the monitor is active or inactive to suit the environment you are sighting it in.

A temperature sensor in the monitor allows the monitor to increase the minimum temperature of air-conditioning unit if it has been set lower than your desired minimum level.

A door sensor can be attached to monitor so if a door or window has been left open it will turn off the air-conditioning.

Air Con Monitor Advanced

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